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Reconfiguring Renovate

There will likely be times when you need to change your Renovate config. There are two recommended approaches:

Reconfigure via PR

Create a PR that includes "Renovate" in its title, e.g. "Reconfigure Renovate" or "Update Renovate Configuration". Doing so will flag it to Renovate the next time it runs.

Important: Do not use the same branch prefix as Renovate uses, e.g. do not use renovate/reconfigure. Renovate assumes that it "owns" the branch prefix and that any excess branches should be cleaned up as they are no longer needed. Instead, name it like chore/reconfigure-renovate.

If Renovate detects that such a PR includes changes to any of the Renovate configuration files (e.g. renovate.json) then it will run its validation against this new config and set a status check result of "success" if it passes or "failed" if it does not. This way you can be sure that your config is at least valid before merging.

Nuke config and re-onboard

Perhaps you really liked the interactive PR and want to see it again. In that case:

  1. Find and rename your original Configure Renovate PR (e.g. to Configure Renovate - old)
  2. Delete your Renovate config (e.g. renovate.json) from your base branch

This will be enough to trick Renovate into thinking that the repository was never onboarded and it will trigger a new Configure Renovate PR again. Any existing Renovate PRs in progress may be closed, however.