Reconfiguring Renovate

There will be times when you need to change your Renovate config. There are two recommended approaches:

  • Reconfigure via PR
  • Nuke the config and re-onboard

Reconfigure via PR

If you want to make config edits directly, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Git branch to work on
  2. Install the renovate package globally (npm i -g renovate or yarn global add renovate) to get the renovate-config-validator program
  3. Edit your Renovate configuration file
  4. Validate your config by running renovate-config-validator
  5. If the improved config passes the validation, merge the branch into your mainline branch

Nuke config and re-onboard

Perhaps you really liked the interactive onboarding PR and want to use it again. You can follow the steps below to nuke the config and get a new PR. Any existing Renovate PRs will be closed after you've completed these steps.

  1. Find your original Configure Renovate PR
  2. Rename the original PR to something else, e.g. Configure Renovate - old
  3. Remove the current Renovate configuration file (e.g. renovate.json) from your mainline branch

Following these steps will trick Renovate into thinking that your repository was never onboarded, and will trigger a new "Configure Renovate" PR.

Renovate config file validation when using CircleCI

If you use CircleCI, you can use the third-party daniel-shuy/renovate orb to validate your config as part of your workflow, e.g.

version: '2.1'
  renovate: daniel-shuy/renovate@2.1
      - renovate/validate-config