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About us

Renovate was created by Mend staff and they continue to work on Renovate.

More than 750 outside contributors helped improve Renovate.

Special thanks

We want to highlight the work of these awesome people. Thank you for your time and effort!


Renovate is maintained by:

Maintainers for features

Next up, we have these people who help maintain parts of Renovate:

Valuable contributions

We want to highlight these valuable contributions, even if they are one-offs. Some features made a lot of people happy, and efficient!

  • @HonkingGoose worked on the docs and was community manager
  • @ikesyo regularly helpful
  • @astellingwerf reviews PRs
  • @danports worked on the Flux manager, and other managers. Feel free to ping @danports for any Flux-related issue or PR
  • @shegox worked on the Go manager, and improved our docs
  • @setchy focused on Bitbucket Cloud and replacement features

Renovate development

The source code for Renovate is available on GitHub at renovatebot/renovate. This is where we do most of the development.

About these docs

The Renovate docs are built from Markdown files in our renovatebot/renovate repository. Most of the source files can be found in the docs/usage/ directory.