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Contributing to Renovate

Thank you for thinking of contributing to Renovate! The docs/development/ directory of the renovatebot/renovate repository has all the developer-facing documentation.

I want to write code

Read this first

  1. Contributing guide
  2. Best practices
  3. Local Development or Remote Development

Creating/editing Renovate preset

  1. Creating/editing Renovate presets

Adding a new package manager

  1. Adding a Package Manager

Background information

  1. Design Decisions
  2. Zod schema guideline
  3. Branches and commits behavior
  4. Configuration
  5. Static Data
  6. How to bump Renovate to next NodeJS LTS release

I want to write documentation

Read the Contributing guide, and the Renovate style guide.

I want to triage incoming discussions

Start by reading:

  1. Contributing guide
  2. Triage guide
  3. Issue labeling

You may need to direct a Renovate user to one of these pages:

  1. About minimal reproductions
  2. New package manager questionnaire
  3. Help Us Help You