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Renovate supports upgrading dependencies in Bazel WORKSPACE files.

How it works

  1. Bazel support is enabled automatically
  2. Renovate will search repositories for any WORKSPACE files in the repository
  3. Existing dependencies will be extracted from container_pull, git_repository, go_repository, maven_install, and http_archive/http_file declarations
  4. Renovate will replace any old versions with the latest version available


Renovate will update any git_repository declaration that has the following:

  1. name
  2. remote matching<owner>/<repo>.git
  3. tag using a valid SemVer


    name = "build_bazel_rules_typescript",
    remote = "",
    tag = "0.6.1",

Renovate uses the list of tags on the remote repository (GitHub) to detect a new version.

http_archive and http_file

Renovate will update any http_archive or http_file declaration that has the following:

  1. name
  2. url matching<owner>/<repo>/releases/download/<semver>/<repo>.tar.gz
  3. sha256


    name = "io_bazel_rules_go",
    url = "",
    sha256 = "341d5eacef704415386974bc82a1783a8b7ffbff2ab6ba02375e1ca20d9b031c",

Renovate uses the list of releases that it finds at the url to detect a new version.


By default, Maven dependencies are extracted in the context of Gradle versioning scheme. To change it, configure packageRules like this:

  "packageRules": [
      "matchManagers": ["bazel"],
      "matchDatasources": ["maven"],
      "versioning": "maven"

Future work

Contributions and/or feature requests are welcome to support more patterns or additional use cases.