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Automated Dependency Updates for Rust crates

Renovate supports upgrading dependencies in Cargo.toml files and associated Cargo.lock checksums.

How it works

  1. Renovate searches in each repository for any Cargo.toml files
  2. Renovate extracts existing dependencies from [dependencies], [dev-dependencies], [build-dependencies] and [workspace.dependencies]
  3. Renovate looks up Cargo configuration to find index URLs for private registries
  4. Renovate resolves the dependency's version using the API or by cloning the index URL
  5. If Renovate finds an update, Renovate will use cargo update to update both Cargo.toml and Cargo.lock

Enabling Rust Modules Updating

Renovate updates Rust crates by default.

Cargo configuration and private registry discovery

Renovate can find private registry URLs in these Cargo configuration files:

  • .cargo/config.toml
  • .cargo/config (legacy)

Renovate can also find private registry URLs via a CARGO_REGISTRIES_<name>_INDEX environment variable. Read the Rust environment variables docs to learn more.

Private crate registries and private Git dependencies

You as user can set authentication for private crates by adding a hostRules configuration to your renovate.json file.

All token hostRules with a hostType (e.g. github, gitlab, bitbucket, etc.) and host rules without a hostType will be automatically setup for authentication. You can also configure a hostRules that's only for Cargo authentication (e.g. hostType: 'cargo').

Example of authentication for a private GitHub and Cargo registry:
module.exports = {
  hostRules: [
      matchHost: '',
      token: process.env.GITHUB_TOKEN,
      hostType: 'github',
      matchHost: '',
      token: process.env.CARGO_GIT_TOKEN,
      hostType: 'cargo',