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Automated dependency updates for Ruby Bundler dependencies

Renovate supports upgrading dependencies in Bundler's Gemfiles and associated Gemfile.lock files.

How it works

  1. Renovate searches in each repository for any Gemfiles
  2. Existing dependencies are extracted from the Gemfiles
  3. Renovate resolves the dependency on (or elsewhere if configured), and checks for newer versions
  4. A PR is created which updates the Gemfile and Gemfile.lock in a single commit


When using "rangeStrategy": "update-lockfile", all gems listed in the Gemfile will be updated, even if they do not have a version specified.

When using other rangeStrategy options, Renovate doesn't update dependencies without a version constraint. Example: gem 'some-gem', '~> 1.2.3' will update some-gem if a new version matching the constraint is available, but gem 'some-gem' won't. If you always want to have the latest available version, consider specifying gem 'some-gem', '> 0'.


You can install the Renovate App on GitHub. Or you can check out Renovate OSS to self-host Renovate.