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Automated Dependency Updates for Ruby Bundler Dependencies

Renovate supports upgrading dependencies in Bundler's Gemfiles and their accompanying Gemfile.lock files. Support is considered "alpha" stage until there have been some more real-world tests.

How It Works

  1. Renovate will search each repository for any Gemfile files.
  2. Existing dependencies will be extracted from the files
  3. Renovate will resolve the dependency on Rubygems or elsewhere if configured, and look for any newer versions
  4. A PR will be created with Gemfile and Gemfile.lock updated in the same commit
  5. If the source repository has either a "changelog" file or uses GitHub releases, then Release Notes for each version will be embedded in the generated PR.


Either install the Renovate App on GitHub, or check out Renovate OSS for self-hosted.

Because Bundler is considered to be in alpha stage, it is not enabled by default. To opt-in to using it, bundler.enabled must be set to true in your config. If you are using the hosted Renovate App, then either:

(a) if Renovate has already detected other languages in the same repo, the add "bundler": { "enabled": true } to the config, or (b) if Renovate doesn't onboard the repo because it doesn't find package files, add your renovate.json to master branch manually, or (c) Contact to ask that Bundler support be added on the server side so that you can receive an onboarding PR

Future work

  • Updating .gemspec files
  • Pinning dependencies to the version found in Gemfile.lock rather than the latest matching version
  • Lock file maintenance
  • Selective lock file updating (if ranges are in use in the Gemfile)