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Renovate supports upgrading API versions in resource references. Upgrading module versions is not supported.

How it works

  1. Renovate searches for .bicep files.
  2. Renovate parses the files for resource types and API versions.
  3. Renovate looks up the latest version in the Azure/bicep-types-az repository.

Known issues

API version updates of nested resources are not supported.

The API version of the blobServices resource below for example, will not be upgraded:

resource storageAccount 'Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts@2022-05-01' = {
  name: 'test'
  kind: 'StorageV2'
  sku: {
    name: 'Standard_LRS'
  location: location

  resource blobServices 'blobServices@2022-05-01' = {
    name: 'default'

Future work