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Java Dependency Updates

Renovate can update the version used in Gradle and Maven projects. This includes libraries and plugins.


Renovate detects versions specified as string 'group:artifact:version' and as a map (group:groupName, name:ArtifactName, version:Version).

File Support

Renovate can update build.gradle/build.gradle.kts files in the root of the repository and any *.gradle/*.gradle.kts file inside any subdirectory as multi-project configurations.

Renovate does not support:

  • Projects without neither build.gradle nor build.gradle.kts file in the root of the repository.
  • Android projects that requires extra configuration to run. (e.g. setting the android SDK)

How It Works

Renovate uses a plugin to search and extract versions from projects. They are then looked up using Maven datasources and patched into PRs the usual way.


Renovate can update dependency versions found in Maven pom.xml files.

File Support

Renovate will search repositories for all files named pom.xml and then process them independently.

Custom registry support, and authentication

Here is an example configuration to work with custom Artifactory servers using authentication:

    "maven": {
        "enabled": true
    "hostRules": [{
        "hostType": "maven",
        "endpoint": "https://artifactoryurl1/",
        "username": "artifactoryusername",
        "password": "artifactorypassword"
    }, {
        "hostType": "maven",
        "endpoint": "https://artifactoryurl2/",
        "username": "artifactoryusername",
        "password": "artifactorypassword"
    "packageRules": [{
        "managers": ["maven"],
        "registryUrls": ["https://artifactoryurl1/", "https://artifactoryurl2/"]

In the above config, the custom registry URLs are defined using a package rule, and the username/passwords are set using a host rule each.