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Renovate can upgrade dependencies in these files:

  • .csproj
  • .fsproj
  • .vbproj

Version Support

Renovate only works with SDK-style .csproj, .fsproj or .vbproj files. By default, this includes:

  • .NET Core 1.0 and above
  • .NET Standard class libraries
  • .csproj, .fsproj or .vbproj files that use the SDK-style syntax

To convert your .NET Framework .csproj, .fsproj or .vbproj files into an SDK-style project, follow the steps in this guide.

How it works

  1. Renovate searches in each repository for any files with a .csproj, .fsproj, or .vbproj extension
  2. Existing dependencies are extracted from <PackageReference> and <PackageVersion> tags
  3. Renovate looks up the latest version on (or on alternate feeds) to see if any upgrades are available
  4. If the source package includes a GitHub URL as its source, and has either:

  5. a "changelog" file, or

  6. uses GitHub releases

then release notes for each version are embedded in the generated PR

If your project file references a packages.config file, no dependencies will be extracted. Find out here how to migrate from packages.config to PackageReference.

Alternate feeds

By default Renovate performs all lookups on, but you can set alternative NuGet feeds. You can set alternative feeds:

  • in a NuGet.config file within your repository (Renovate will not search outside the repository), or
  • in a Renovate configuration options file like renovate.json
  "nuget": {
    "registryUrls": [

In the example above we've set three NuGet feeds. The package resolving process uses the merge strategy to handle the three feeds. All feeds are checked for dependency updates, and duplicate updates are merged/joined together into a single dependency update.

If your project uses lockfiles (a package.lock.json exists), alternate feed settings must be defined in a NuGet.config only, as registryUrls are not passed through to the NuGet commands used.

Protocol versions

NuGet supports two protocol versions, v2 and v3. The NuGet client and server must use the same version.

Renovate as a NuGet client supports both v2 and v3 protocols, and will use v2 unless the configured feed URL ends with index.json. This mirrors the behavior of the official NuGet client.

If you have a v3 feed that doesn't end with index.json, like for example on the JFrog Artifactory, then you must append #protocolVersion=3 to the registry URL:

  "nuget": {
    "registryUrls": ["http://myV3feed#protocolVersion=3"]

Authenticated feeds

Credentials for authenticated/private feeds can be given via host rules in the configuration options (file or command line parameter).

  "hostRules": [
      "hostType": "nuget",
      "matchHost": "",
      "username": "root",
      "password": "p4$$w0rd"


Only Basic HTTP authentication (via username and password) is supported.

Future work

Contributions and/or feature requests are welcome to support more patterns or additional use cases.