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Automated Dependency Updates for Azure Pipelines

Renovate supports updating Azure Pipelines dependencies.

File Matching

By default, Renovate will check any files matching the following regular expression: azure.*pipelines?.*\.ya?ml$.

For details on how to extend a manager's fileMatch value, please follow this link.

Supported datasources

This manager supports extracting the following datasources: azure-pipelines-tasks, git-tags.

Additional Information

The azure-pipelines manager extracts container and repository resources from the resources block as well as tasks from steps blocks. For example:

    - type: github
      name: renovate/renovate
      ref: refs/heads/main
    - type: github
      name: user/repo
      ref: refs/tags/v0.5.1
    - container: linux
      image: ubuntu:16.04
    - container: python
      image: python:3.7@sha256:3870d35b962a943df72d948580fc66ceaaee1c4fbd205930f32e0f0760eb1077

  - stage: StageOne
      - job: JobOne
          - task: Bash@3
              script: 'echo Hello World'

Read the resources block and the tasks block Azure Pipelines documentation for more information.

Files that are processed by the manager includes:

  • .azure-pipelines/**/*.yaml
  • .azure-pipelines.yaml
  • .azure-pipelines.yml
  • azure-pipelines/**/*.yaml
  • azure-pipelines.yaml
  • azure-pipelines.yml
  • azure-pipeline/**/*.yaml
  • azure-pipeline.yaml
  • azure-pipeline.yml

Open feature requests

  • Allow Renovate's azure-pipeline's manager to read azure repositories defined in resource blocks #15028

The above list of features were current when this page was generated on August 15, 2022.