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Automated Dependency Updates for Nix

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Renovate supports updating Nix dependencies.


Nix functionality is currently in beta testing, so you must opt-in to test it. To enable it, add a configuration like this to either your bot config or your renovate.json:

  "nix": {
    "enabled": true

If you find any bugs, please create a new discussion first. If you find that it works well, then let us know too.

File Matching

By default, Renovate will check any files matching the following regular expression: (^|/)flake\.nix$.

For details on how to extend a manager's fileMatch value, please follow this link.

Supported datasources

This manager supports extracting the following datasources: git-refs.

Default config

  "fileMatch": [
  "commitMessageTopic": "nixpkgs",
  "commitMessageExtra": "to {{newValue}}",
  "enabled": false

Additional Information

The nix manager supports:

Open items

The below list of features were current when this page was generated on April 12, 2024.

Feature requests

  • Support shorthand nixpkgs references #18955