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Git Refs Datasource

Identifier: git-refs

Default versioning: no default versioning

Custom registry support:

❌ No custom registry support.


You can use this datasource plus regex managers to update git-based dependencies that are not natively supported by Renovate.

The git-refs datasource returns a reference from a Git repository.

The packageName must be a fully qualified domain name.

To fetch the latest digest of a reference instead of the named reference: put the named reference in currentValue and match on the currentDigest.

Usage example

Say you want to maintain the HEAD digest of the master branch of a repository. You would configure a custom manager in your Renovate config file for files named versions.ini:

  "customManagers": [
      "customType": "regex",
      "fileMatch": ["^versions.ini$"],
      "matchStrings": ["GOOGLE_API_VERSION=(?<currentDigest>.*?)\\n"],
      "currentValueTemplate": "master",
      "depNameTemplate": "googleapis",
      "packageNameTemplate": "",
      "datasourceTemplate": "git-refs"