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Git Refs Datasource

Table of values

Name Vaue Notes
Identifier git-refs
Default versioning No default versioning
Custom registry support No
Release timestamp support No
Source URL support Yes The source URL is determined by using the packageName and registryUrl.


You can use this datasource plus regex managers to update git-based dependencies that are not natively supported by Renovate.

The git-refs datasource returns a reference from a Git repository.

The packageName must be a fully qualified domain name.

To fetch the latest digest of a reference instead of the named reference: put the named reference in currentValue and match on the currentDigest.

Usage example

Say you want to maintain the HEAD digest of the master branch of a repository. You would configure a custom manager in your Renovate config file for files named versions.ini:

  "customManagers": [
      "customType": "regex",
      "fileMatch": ["^versions.ini$"],
      "matchStrings": ["GOOGLE_API_VERSION=(?<currentDigest>.*?)\\n"],
      "currentValueTemplate": "master",
      "depNameTemplate": "googleapis",
      "packageNameTemplate": "",
      "datasourceTemplate": "git-refs"