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Rubygems Datasource

Table of values

Name Vaue Notes
Identifier rubygems
Default versioning ruby
Custom registry support Yes
Release timestamp support Yes The release timestamp is determined from the created_at field in the results.
Source URL support Yes The source URL is determined from the source_code_uri field in the results.


Rubygems datasource

Datasource query order depends on the registry.


Rubygems rate limits are easy to hit, so we need to be careful with the queries. This is implemented with two-level cache:

  • First, we query endpoint for current versions for all packages.

Either full or delta sync is performed, depending on the cache state.

All the data of this layer is stored in-memory as the mapping packageName -> version[].

  [*] --> Empty

  state "Empty" as Empty
  Empty --> FullSync: getPkgReleases()

  state "Synced" as Synced
  Synced --> DeltaSync

  state "Unsupported" as Unsupported
  Unsupported --> [*]

  state "Full sync" as FullSync : GET /versions (~20Mb)
  state full_sync_result <<choice>>
  FullSync --> full_sync_result: Response
  full_sync_result --> Synced: (1) Status 200
  full_sync_result --> Unsupported: (2) Status 404
  full_sync_result --> Empty: (3) Status other than 200 or 404\n Clear cache and throw ExternalHostError

  state "Delta sync" as DeltaSync: GET /versions with "Range" header
  state delta_sync_result <<choice>>
  DeltaSync --> delta_sync_result: Successful response
  delta_sync_result --> Synced: (1) Status other than 206\nFull data is received, extract and replace old cache\n (as if it is the full sync)
  delta_sync_result --> FullSync: (2) The head of response doesn't match\n the tail of the previously fetched data
  delta_sync_result --> Synced: (3) The head of response matches\n the tail of the previously fetched data

  state delta_sync_error <<choice>>
  DeltaSync --> delta_sync_error: Error response
  delta_sync_error --> FullSync: (1) Status 416 should not happen\nbut moves to full sync
  delta_sync_error --> Unsupported: (2) Status 404
  delta_sync_error --> Empty: (3) Status other than 404 or 416
  • Then, more data is obtained from<package>.json and<package>.json.

From the previous layer, the cache key is formed from the packageName, and the list of versions is additionally hashed and stored to ensure consistency, so that we reach these API endpoints only when the key has expired or when the list of versions has changed.

The data for this cache layer is being persisted in the longer-term package cache.

Querying or

These particular registries are queried using obsolete API

  • /api/v1/dependencies

Other registries

  • Fetch from /api/v1/versions/<package>.json
  • Fallback to /info/<package>, if above fails
  • Fallback to the obsolete /api/v1/dependencies, if above fails

Open items

The below list of features were current when this page was generated on June 20, 2024.

Feature requests

  • Bundler/Rubygems: support registries with incomplete releases lists #12618