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Gitlab Packages Datasource

Table of values

Name Vaue Notes
Identifier gitlab-packages
Default versioning No default versioning
Custom registry support Yes
Release timestamp support Yes The release timestamp is determined from the created_at field in the results.
Source URL support No


GitLab Packages API supports looking up package versions from all types of packages registry supported by GitLab and can be used in combination with regex managers to keep dependencies up-to-date which are not specifically supported by Renovate.

To specify which specific repository should be queried when looking up a package, the packageName should be formed with the project path first, then a : and finally the package name.

As an example, gitlab-org/ci-cd/package-stage/feature-testing/new-packages-list:@gitlab-org/nk-js would look for the@gitlab-org/nk-js packages in the generic packages repository of the gitlab-org/ci-cd/package-stage/feature-testing/new-packages-list project.

To specify where to find a self-hosted GitLab instance, specify registryUrl. An example would be

If you are using a self-hosted GitLab instance, please note the following requirements:

  • If you are on the Free edition, this datasource requires at least GitLab 13.3
  • If you are on the Premium or the Ultimate edition, this datasource requires at least GitLab 11.8, but GitLab 12.9 or more is recommended if you have a lot of packages with different names in the same project

Usage Example

A real-world example for this specific datasource would be maintaining package versions in a config file. This can be achieved by configuring a custom manager in renovate.json for files named versions.ini:

  "customManagers": [
      "customType": "regex",
      "fileMatch": ["^versions.ini$"],
      "matchStrings": [
        "# renovate: datasource=(?<datasource>.*?) depName=(?<depName>.*?)( versioning=(?<versioning>.*?))?( registryUrl=(?<registryUrl>.*?))?\\s.*?_VERSION=(?<currentValue>.*)\\s"
      "versioningTemplate": "{{#if versioning}}{{{versioning}}}{{else}}semver{{/if}}"

Now you may use comments in your versions.ini files to automatically update dependencies, which could look like this:

# renovate: datasource=gitlab-packages depName=gitlab-org/ci-cd/package-stage/feature-testing/new-packages-list:@gitlab-org/nk-js versioning=semver registryUrl=

By default, gitlab-packages uses the docker versioning scheme.