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Repology Datasource

Table of values

Name Vaue Notes
Identifier repology
Default versioning No default versioning
Custom registry support Yes
Release timestamp support No
Source URL support No


With Repology you can look up package versions from many package repositories. You can combine Repology with regex managers to update dependencies which are not supported by Renovate.

The packageName field should be constructed using the repository identifier and the actual package name separated by a slash. For example: alpine_3_12/gcc would look for a binary (or source package) called gcc within the alpine_3_12 repository.

A list of all supported repositories can be found on the Repology homepage.

To find the correct identifier, select the repository you want and copy the identifier in the URL:<identifier>. For example, the Alpine Linux 3.12 repository has this URL: and has this repository identifier: alpine_3_12.

Usage Example

Say you're using system packages in a Dockerfile and want to update them with Repology. With the Repology datasource you can "pin" each dependency, and get automatic updates.

First you would set a custom manager in your renovate.json file for Dockerfile:

  "customManagers": [
      "customType": "regex",
      "fileMatch": ["^Dockerfile$"],
      "matchStrings": [
        "#\\s*renovate:\\s*datasource=(?<datasource>.*?) depName=(?<depName>.*?)( versioning=(?<versioning>.*?))?\\sENV .*?_VERSION=\"(?<currentValue>.*)\"\\s"
      "versioningTemplate": "{{#if versioning}}{{{versioning}}}{{else}}semver{{/if}}"

Then you would put comments in your Dockerfile, to tell Renovate where to find the updates:

FROM alpine:3.12.0@sha256:a15790640a6690aa1730c38cf0a440e2aa44aaca9b0e8931a9f2b0d7cc90fd65

# renovate: datasource=repology depName=alpine_3_12/gcc versioning=loose
ENV GCC_VERSION="9.3.0-r2"
# renovate: datasource=repology depName=alpine_3_12/musl-dev versioning=loose

RUN apk add --no-cache \
    gcc="${GCC_VERSION}" \

When the operating system package for gcc of Alpine Linux 3.12 is updated, Renovate updates the environment variable.


We recommend you try loose or deb versioning for distribution packages first. This is because the version number usually doesn't match Renovate's default semver-coerced specification.