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Automated Dependency Updates for Kotlin Script

Categories: java

Renovate supports updating Kotlin Script dependencies.

File Matching

By default, Renovate will check any files matching the following regular expression: ^.+\.main\.kts$.

For details on how to extend a manager's fileMatch value, please follow this link.

Supported datasources

This manager supports extracting the following datasources: maven.

Default config

  "fileMatch": [

Additional Information

Renovate supports upgrading dependencies in Kotlin Script files. Read the Kotlin Script docs to learn more. For example:

#!/usr/bin/env kotlin

println("Hello world!")

// ...

By default, Renovate only scans files with the .main.kts extension and not .kts. This way Renovate avoids ambiguity with Gradle config files that use the .gradle.kts extension.

If you want to manage other Kotlin Script files, you may use the fileMatch config option to let Renovate update these files:

  "kotlin-script": {
    "fileMatch": ["^.*\\.kts$"]