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Automated Dependency Updates for Terraform

Renovate supports updating Terraform dependencies.

File Matching

By default, Renovate will check any files matching the following regular expression: \.tf$.

For details on how to extend a manager's fileMatch value, please follow this link.

Supported datasources

This manager supports extracting the following datasources: bitbucket-tags, git-tags, github-tags, github-releases, helm, terraform-module, terraform-provider.

Additional Information

Currently, Terraform supports renovating the following dependencies, where sub-points represent hosting options of the dependencies:

  • modules
  • GitTags
  • GithubTags
  • TerraformRegistry ( Public and Private )
  • providers ( deprecated in Terraform 0.13.0 )
  • TerraformRegistry ( Public and Private )
  • required_providers block ( Terraform >= 0.13.0)
  • TerraformRegistry ( Public and Private )
  • required_version
  • helm_release
  • chart repository ( Public and Private )
  • docker_*
  • Docker registry ( Public and Private )
  • kubernetes_*
  • Docker registry ( Public and Private )
  • tfe_workspace ( terraform_version argument )

Terraform range constraints are supported:

  • >= 1.2.0: version 1.2.0 or newer
  • <= 1.2.0: version 1.2.0 or older
  • ~> 1.2.0: any non-beta version >= 1.2.0 and < 1.3.0, e.g. 1.2.X
  • ~> 1.2: any non-beta version >= 1.2.0 and < 2.0.0, e.g. 1.X.Y
  • >= 1.0.0, <= 2.0.0: any version between 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 inclusive

For fine-grained control, e.g., to turn off only parts of this manager, you can use the following depTypes:

resource depType Notes
Terraform provider provider
required Terraform provider required_provider
required Terraform version required_version This handles the required_version in terraform blocks
TFE workspace tfe_workspace This handles the terraform_version argument in tfe_workspace resources
Terraform module module
Helm release helm_release
Docker container docker_container
Docker image docker_image
Docker service docker_service
Kubernetes CronJob kubernetes_cron_job
Kubernetes CronJob v1 kubernetes_cron_job_v1
Kubernetes DaemonSet kubernetes_daemon_set
Kubernetes DaemonSet v1 kubernetes_daemon_set_v1
Kubernetes Deployment kubernetes_deployment
Kubernetes Deployment v1 kubernetes_deployment_v1
Kubernetes Job kubernetes_job
Kubernetes Job v1 kubernetes_job_v1
Kubernetes Pod kubernetes_pod
Kubernetes Pod v1 kubernetes_pod_v1
Kubernetes Replication Controller kubernetes_replication_controller
Kubernetes Replication Controller v1 kubernetes_replication_controller_v1
Kubernetes StatefulSet kubernetes_stateful_set
Kubernetes StatefulSet v1 kubernetes_stateful_set_v1

If you need to change the versioning format, read the versioning documentation to learn more.

Open feature requests

  • Support .tf.json Terraform JSON #11997

Open bug reports

  • terraform provider update fails when .terraform.lock.hcl does not contain a lock for the provider yet #14696
  • Don't rewrite constraints in terraform lock file #15580

The above list of features and bugs were current when this page was generated on August 15, 2022.