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Semantic Commit Messages

Renovate attempts to autodetect if your repository uses "semantic" commit message prefixes, and adds them if so. To do so, it looks at the 10 most recent commit messages in the base branch and uses conventional-commits-detector to determine convention commit type.

Currently, Renovate ignores commit conventions apart from "angular".

If angular-style commits are found then Renovate will structure its commit messages and PR titles to be like so:

  • chore(deps): update eslint to v4.2.0
  • fix(deps): update express to v4.16.2

chore is used by default, but fix is used for anything in the "dependencies" section of package.json.

Manually enabling or disabling semantic commits

If you wish to manually override Renovate's semantic commit detection, then you can add either ":semanticCommits" or ":semanticCommitsDisabled" to your extends array.

Changing the Semantic Commit Type

If you wish to say use "chore" for every PR, then you can add ":semanticCommitTypeAll(chore)" to your extends array. Or if you wish to use ci then you would add ":semanticCommitTypeAll(ci)" instead. This second case would mean your PR titles and commit messages will start with "ci(deps):".

Changing the Semantic Commit Scope

If you don't like "deps" then this can also be configured. For example, to set it to "package" you should add the preset ":semanticCommitScope(package)" to your extends array.

If you wish to remove the semantic commit scope (e.g. use prefix chore: instead of chore(deps):) then you should add the preset ":semanticCommitScopeDisabled" to your extends array.