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Bitbucket Cloud

Most of the information on this page is meant for users who want to self-host Renovate on Bitbucket Cloud.

Easiest way to run Renovate

For most users, the easiest way to get started is to install the Mend app for Bitbucket and use the free Renovate plan. When you use the app, Mend will:

  • authenticate the app to Bitbucket Cloud
  • keep the tokens safe
  • maintain and update the Renovate version used

If you self-host Renovate you must do the things listed above yourself. Self-hosting is meant for users with advanced use cases, or who want to be in full control of the bot and the environment it runs in. We recommend most users install the Mend app.

Read the Security and Permissions page to learn about the Security and Permissions needed for the Mend app.

After you installed the hosted app, please read the reading list to learn how to use and configure Renovate.


First, create an app password for the bot account. Give the bot app password the following permission scopes:

Permission Scope
account Account: Read
team Workspace membership: Read
issue:write Issues: Write
pullrequest:write Pull requests: Write

The bot also needs to validate the workspace membership status of pull-request reviewers, for that, create a new user group in the workspace with the Create repositories permission and add the bot user to it.

Let Renovate use your app password by doing one of the following:

  • Set your app password as a password in your config.js file
  • Set your app password as an environment variable RENOVATE_PASSWORD
  • Set your app password when you run Renovate in the CLI with --password=

Remember to:

  • Set the username for the bot account (which is not your email address). You can find your username through "Personal Bitbucket settings" on the "Account settings" page for your account
  • Set platform=bitbucket somewhere in your Renovate config file

Unsupported platform features/concepts

  • Adding assignees to PRs not supported (does not seem to be a Bitbucket concept)
  • automergeStrategy=rebase not supported by Bitbucket Cloud, see Jira issue BCLOUD-16610

Open items

The below list of features were current when this page was generated on July 17, 2024.

Feature requests

  • Epic: Port GitHub API optimization to Bitbucket Cloud #27801
  • Support Jira Cloud Issues for #20568
  • Check branch status in "bitbucket.getPr()" #9618