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Bitbucket Cloud


First, create an app password for the bot account. Give the bot app password the following permission scopes:

Permission Scope
account Account: Read
team Workspace membership: Read
issue:write Issues: Write
pullrequest:write Pull requests: Write

The bot also needs to validate the workspace membership status of pull-request reviewers, for that, create a new user group in the workspace with the Create repositories permission and add the bot user to it.

Let Renovate use your app password by doing one of the following:

  • Set your app password as a password in your config.js file
  • Set your app password as an environment variable RENOVATE_PASSWORD
  • Set your app password when you run Renovate in the CLI with --password=

Remember to:

  • Set the username for the bot account
  • Set platform=bitbucket somewhere in your Renovate config file

Unsupported platform features/concepts

  • Adding assignees to PRs not supported (does not seem to be a Bitbucket concept)
  • automergeStrategy=rebase not supported by Bitbucket Cloud, see Jira issue BCLOUD-16610

Open items

The below list of features were current when this page was generated on June 06, 2023.

Feature requests

  • Support Jira Cloud Issues for #20568
  • Bitbucket Cloud: include Release Notes in Renovate PRs #14964
  • Bitbucket Cloud: declined pull requests can neither be renamed not reopened #14243
  • Check branch status in "bitbucket.getPr()" #9618