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Renovate uses modern Git upload filters to suppress large blob downloads. For Gitea you need to manually enable upload filters. Read the official Gitea docs for more information.


First, create a Personal Access Token for the bot account. Let Renovate use your PAT by doing one of the following:

  • Set your PAT as a token in your config.js file
  • Set your PAT as an environment variable RENOVATE_TOKEN
  • Set your PAT when you run Renovate in the CLI with --token=

Remember to set platform=gitea somewhere in your Renovate config file.

Unsupported platform features/concepts

  • Adding reviewers to PRs not supported: Gitea versions older than v1.14.0 do not have the required API.

Features awaiting implementation

  • The automergeStrategy configuration option has not been implemented for this platform, and all values behave as if the value auto was used. Renovate will use the merge strategy configured in the Gitea repository itself, and this cannot be overridden yet