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Gitea and Forgejo

Renovate supports Gitea and the new fork Forgejo. Forgejo exists since v1.18.0 and is currently fully compatible to Gitea.


First, create a Personal Access Token for the bot account. Let Renovate use your PAT by doing one of the following:

  • Set your PAT as a token in your config.js file
  • Set your PAT as an environment variable RENOVATE_TOKEN
  • Set your PAT when you run Renovate in the CLI with --token=

Remember to set platform=gitea somewhere in your Renovate config file. Either the account should have full name and email address set to allow Renovate to estabilish Git identity, or the gitAuthor config option should be set.

Unsupported platform features/concepts

  • Adding reviewers to PRs not supported: Gitea versions older than v1.14.0 do not have the required API.
  • Setting platformAutomerge to use platform-native automerge for PRs not supported: Gitea versions older than v1.17.0 do not have the required API.
  • Git upload filters: If you're using a Gitea version older than v1.16.0 then you must enable clone filters.

Features awaiting implementation

  • none

Repo autodiscover sorting

You can change the default server-side sort method and order for autodiscover API. Set those via RENOVATE_X_AUTODISCOVER_REPO_SORT and RENOVATE_X_AUTODISCOVER_REPO_ORDER. Read the Gitea swagger docs for more details.

Open items

The below list of features were current when this page was generated on June 06, 2023.

Feature requests

  • Gitea: use repo topic as a cache #18921